Marking the next target... (Model: @ennfo_merrow during Sunday's Christmas Op)

Absolutely amazing #ARMA3 Christmas Operation with the FoddSquad yesterday! 🎅 Santa was rescued from the Russian Old Guard, reunited with his magical sleigh, and sent back to debrief at the North Pole. OPERATION SLEIGH BELLS JINGLE as a huge success! Thanks to everyone who showed up and I can't wait for the next one!

OP SLEIGH BELLS JINGLE - Arma 3 Christmas Operation! by UselessFodder

I'm hanging my combat gear up for two weeks starting today Going to take a break from making content & significantly reducing time on socials I need to reconnect with my family, gaming, & why I'm doing this First stream back will be 4 Jan Happy Holidays, everyone. Ill see you next year. o7

Returning fire.


Showing them the light of God.

The level design in this game is unreal...

Commanding the Trenches of Frise - Beyond the Wire Commander Gameplay by UselessFodder

Under the cover of darkness.

Mission's complete. Enemy counterattack is inbound. Time to EXFIL.

The boys rushing to reinforce the line. @hellletloosegame #gamingphotography

Operation Blazing Dagger - ARMA PMC Op MILSIM by UselessFodder

New @hellletloosegame video up covering Update 8 and the Hurtgen Forest overhaul Catch it at and drop those 👍🏻!

Defending Hurtgen Forest - Hell Let Loose Update 8 Gameplay by UselessFodder

Be one with your environment.