AC130 SPOOKY Gunship Supports Ground Operations - Arma 3 CAS Gameplay by UselessFodder

Someone added GPNVG ('Quad NODs') to @groundbranch.official ! Check out my how-to guide to get these awesome things in your game! 🔗 in bio

GPNVG Quad NODs in Ground Branch?? Complete NVG Tutorial and Guide by UselessFodder

SWAT RAIDS SANTA'S WORKSHOP - No Plan B Custom Map by UselessFodder

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone from the FoddSquad! Whatever holidays you celebrate, I hope they are full of cheer and good tidings surrounded by family and friends.

This 16 year old game is better than Ready or Not... and it only costs $5! Come see why this is STILL the best tactical police CQB shooter of all time 🔗 in bio!

This 16 Year Old Game is BETTER than Ready or Not... and costs $5! by UselessFodder

IMMERSIVE ops in ISMC - Insurgency: Sandstorm ISMC Mod Gameplay by UselessFodder

Vietnam Ops with REAL SOG VETERANS - Arma 3 SOG: Prairie Fire Gameplay by UselessFodder

We have to SAVE CHRISTMAS! - A Holiday Meme Op in Arma 3 by UselessFodder

Making the most CURSED guns in Ground Branch 1032 by UselessFodder

New video featuring some amazing teamwork with @karmakut and @gman_game_cam in @ismcmod for @insurgencygame Watch it here: Or 🔗 to video in bio!

Amazing TEAMWORK in this immersive CQB shooter - Insurgency: Sandstorm ISMC with @Karmakut by UselessFodder

Speedrunning this Tactical Game! by UselessFodder

This game has no business being this fun... - Thunder Tier One with @Karmakut by UselessFodder

WE MUST SAVE OUR CAPTURED ALLIES - SOG: Prairie Fire Arma 3 Operation by UselessFodder

Hunting VC in Mike Force - SOG: Prairie Fire Arma 3 Operation by UselessFodder

.@groundbranch.official continues to be one of the most authentic tactical experiences ever made. Update 1032 makes it even more authentic Watch Gman228, GB dev Mikson, and I clear out the redesigned Storage Facility and take the fight deep underground 🔗 to video in bio!

CIA team TACTICALLY raids an underground bunker - Ground Branch 1032 New Storage Facility by UselessFodder

This top down shooter is INSANELY TACTICAL! - Thunder Tier One by UselessFodder

Realistic CQB Simulator by UselessFodder

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