This Map is a CQB Nightmare... Ground Branch Gameplay on Rundown by UselessFodder

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Precinct By Night - ISMCmod Insurgency: Sandstorm Gameplay by UselessFodder

How to Install and Play ISMC Mod for Insurgency: Sandstorm Guide by UselessFodder

Battle Buddies. If you haven't tried @groundbranch.official V1031, you're absolutely missing out. This update improves almost every aspect of an already amazing tactical shooter. I think my favorite changes so far are the sound improvements and the new map Rundown. If you want to support what the GB devs are doing, make sure to purchase the game through their website at so they keep 100% of the profits!

I ran an impromptu Zeus op for the FoddSquad a couple weeks back and ended up having an amazing time. The team had to insert via helicopter, then proceed on foot to a town full of suspected rebels. With a couple of tips from the terrified local townspeople, the team successfully located the rebel's ammo stockpiles and destroyed them. As they ran to their exfil, the whole angry beehive of the rebel army chased them and they were barely able to make it off that hilltop. It was a ton of fun and I cant wait to run more! If you're interested in joining in on ops like this, come join us at the FoddSquad discord:

Another day. Another mission.

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