The Most Complete Nightfall Patch Guide Ever for Insurgency: Sandstorm Update 1.7 by UselessFodder

Real Army Ranger talks Tactical Video Games - Interview with BDGxGRIM - Check Your 6 Podcast Ep 3 by UselessFodder

The terrorists were smart. They placed a sniper sentry armed with an SVD on overwatch towards the Southeastern gate where the SAD operators would eventually make their assault. This would cause significant difficulty to the attacker's plan... @groundbranch.official #gamingphotography Have you played 747 on Ground Branch? Terrorists have seized an aircraft, some hangers, and the small regional terminal. There is significant open ground to cover in order to assault the plane itself and you are very exposed to fire from the nearby buildings, so it's really important to work with your teammates to bound and ensure there is always someone with some magnified optical on overwatch!

The Kickstarter patches are in! I'm so excited to start sending these out to the amazing FoddSquad backers who made this patch run a reality. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, there's good news: I have patches left over! If you would like to rep the FoddSquad on your gear, please DM me here, Twitter, or Discord so I can hook you up!

"One tango down at the helipad. Moving on to the main compound..." @groundbranch.official #gamingphotography I love Depot. The open woods and long sightlines are a great contrast to the difficult CQB of clearing the warehouses and offices in the main compound. What's your favorite GROUND BRANCH map?

Even in the dark of night, Cleric's got you covered... We're getting close to the @insurgencygame 1.7 Nightfall release! What are you most excited about from this update??

📢HYPED to announce I've been invited to join the @wwp Official Stream Team: Stream to Serve Squad! I am so humbled by the opportunity to work with this great charity to bring awareness in the streaming space to their amazing efforts to help our wounded heroes If you're interested in more info on Stream to Serve Squad or want to play games with some great vets, join the discord at ! #woundedwarriorproject #veteran

He may be backed into a corner, but he was never afraid to fight... We're getting close to the @insurgencygame 1.7 Nightfall release! What are you most excited about from this update??