CTF JAGUAR - BAF OPERATIONS AGAINST RUSSIAN AGRESSION IVO PATHERA Our #Arma3 Liberation campaign has kicked off on the FoddSquad server. If you would like to join devoted operators from all over the world to free the Pantheran people, head over to and sign up. We'd love to have you 🏴 Shout out to @slugfox for this amazing image. More to come soon.


Looks beautiful until you realize that smoke is an enemy ranging shot...

@insurgencygame is a mood...


"I think I hear them com-" . . . . . /--------- hashtags ---------/ #insurgency #insurgencysandstorm #gamingphotography #gaming #pc #pcgaming #fps #hardcoreshooter #tactical #tacticalshooter #milsim

I don't care who you are or how skilled you think you've become: YOU ALWAYS AAR Everyone has room for improvement.

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