If we capture this objective, a charity get $200! - Arma 3 Charity Liberation by UselessFodder

If we capture this objective, a charity get $200! - Arma 3 Charity Liberation has been uploaded by UselessFodder!

Video Description:
Donate to WWP: https://tiltify.com/@uselessfodder/foddsquad-capture-the-flag-campaign-2024 Buy awesome tactical games: https://nexus.gg/UselessFodder Join in future operations: https://discord.gg/UselessFodder Support the channel and community: https://patreon.com/UselessFodder We’re running another Charity Liberation Campaign! In support of the Wounded Warrior Project’s Capture the Flag 2024 event, the FoddSquad is runnnig a one week Lib campaign in Takistan as a prequel to our upcoming Hearts & Minds community campaign. We’ll be playing as a plucky Mujahadeen-esque force of freedom fighters taking our country back from the evil 1980’s Soviet invaders! For every sector we capture, the amazing sponsors will donate $175 to WWP (and the number is growing!). That means that JUST BY PLAYING you can help this amazing veteran’s charity AND have a great time along the way. If we finish this campaign by Sunday night, we’ll unlock even more kicker donations, so there’s a big incentive to put time into this campaign! If you’d like to donate to this awesome charity yourself, head to https://tiltify.com/@uselessfodder/foddsquad-capture-the-flag-campaign-2024 and click the green donate button. There are a ton of cool incentives that will help us finish this campaign, including: $5 = 500 supplies, ammo, and fuel in-game $10 = 1000 supplies, ammo, and fuel in-game $15 = Airdrop in an APC $30 = Airdrop in an M1A1 Abrams Tank $40 = Automatically capture a town or supply sector $50 = Spawn in an Apache Helicopter $75 = Automatically capture a city or military base And a whole bunch more! Lastly, the Top 3 donors will receive an actual FoddSquad guidon flag and everyone who donates more than $20 will get an exclusive FoddSquad guidon flag sticker sent to them, so please help support! We’ve set up ⁠charity-liberation to help organize our efforts on this campaign, so please post in there and tag TF-Arma when you’re pushing objectives. Remember, we only have a week to capture all of the cities in Takistan, so we need 24/7 coverage! HUGE thanks to our sponsors for putting up hundreds of dollars in incentives for this campaign: Blackfoot Studios, Goomes (Black Site), Karmakut, 6th Virtual Fighter Wing, and @Viper1Zero If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for $10 per city or more, DM me and I’ll get you on the list! #Arma #WWP

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