If we lose this base, I pay $300... by UselessFodder


If we lose this base, I pay $300... has been uploaded by UselessFodder!

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Donate to WWP and make me hurt!: https://donate.tiltify.com/@uselessfodder/foddsquad-supports-warrior-week-2022 Buy awesome tactical games: https://nexus.gg/UselessFodder Join in future operations: https://discord.gg/UselessFodder Support the channel and community: https://patreon.com/UselessFodder OP Summary: We have to defend this base! If we lose control of it, I have to donate to WWP, but chat can donate money to send more and more crazy stuff at us! Intel has tagged that Igor Birnovsky, a Russian Colonel who is on "indefinite leave" from the AFRF, is one of the key masterminds of the FLF and is responsible for much of the group's recent success. He is also a brilliant financier, leveraging his contacts in Russia and Eastern Europe to fund the FLF's activities. He has been personally accused of war crimes, including murder and torture, and Task Force leadership believes his actions have surpassed the kill threshold. SIGINT has located Birnovsky to the small town of Katamov in cental Fapovo Check Your 6 Podcast is a veteran's perspective on hardcore, tactical, & MILSIM games alongside my cohost BDGxGrim, a former US Army Ranger. If you love these kinds of games, please head over and listen to Check Your 6 Podcast at anchor.fm/checkyour6podcast ! Stream is live at 0730 EST / 1330 CEST Sat @ https://twitch.tv/UselessFodder Twitter: https://twitter.com/UselessFodder Instagram: https://instagram.com/UselessFodder Discord: http://discord.uselessfodder.com Website: http://UselessFodder.com Check Your 6 Podcast at anchor.fm/checkyour6podcast Podcast for Streamers: soundcloud.com/GoingLivePodcast ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm UselessFodder, leader of the FoddSquad, the most inclusive, positive, and curious outfit in space! I was a communicator and space professional in the US Army for 9 years, but after I got out in 2017 I longed for the tight-knit group that I had enjoyed with my brothers and sisters in arms. So I created the FoddSquad as a group that is protective and fiercely loyal. Because when you are conducting operations on the far side of the Moon, you want to know that the men and women to the left and right of you have your back, no matter what. We form up at Twitch.tv/UselessFodder every Saturday starting at 0730 EST / 1330 CEST and conduct training in Realistic Hardcore First Person Shooters like World War 3, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Escape from Tarkov, Ground Branch, Squad, Arma 3 and more. Brew up some coffee, don your suit, and remember: There is room in the FoddSquad for everyone. If you would like more recruitment information, or just someone to talk to, I can be reached on Twitter or Discord (http://discord.uselessfodder.com) #Arma3 #wwp #charity

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