MALDEN OVERRUN - Official Trailer by UselessFodder

MALDEN OVERRUN - Official Trailer has been uploaded by UselessFodder!

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Get the scenario on the workshop: The UN Bioterrorism Reponse Team (BRT) has been cut off as the zombie virus ravages across Malden. The team must must endure, survive, and cleanse their way across the island, eradicating this bio menace once and for all... A horror-themed Arma 3 Campaign by UselessFodder Features: - 30+ zones to fight and cleanse the zombie hordes - Side objectives within each zone - Persistent saves between play sessions - Vehicle and equipment unlock system - Custom 'DECON' wave defense event - Multi-stage Campaign Finale Event - Completely custom arsenal creation script - Custom BRT Patches created by SlugFox - Zeus capability for hosts & logged in admins - The only multi-session horror scenario in Arma! NOTE: This persistent mission was inspired by the amazing KP-Liberation, but diverges from that scenario in significant ways and does not utilize a single line of their code. The focus here is on the tension of clearing a dark, lamp-lit village on foot by flashlight, waiting to hear the footsteps of the infected just around the next turn... There are no tanks, planes, and indirect fire. No one is coming to save your team: You are on their own and must cleanse this island by your own grit and ingenuity. I hope you enjoy the experience... For a detailed explanation of how to play this map, see "How to Play Overrun" in the briefing notes or check out the tutorial video at (uploaded soon (TM). If you encounter any bugs, please post them here on the Steam Workshop page or in our Discord at . Thanks for playing! Required Mods Collection: Suggested Mods Collection: GitHub with most up to date version: This is the second public release of this mission which has been in the making for 2 years. Special Thanks to my community, the FoddSquad, for suffering through countless hours of tests. I owe a debt of gratitude to every single person who has come out to shoot zombies, get their radio changed by ghosts, and watch the DECON truck get yeeted across Malden. Thank you. Stream is live at 0730 EST / 1330 CEST Sat @ Twitter: Instagram: Discord: Website: Check Your 6 Podcast at Podcast for Streamers: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm UselessFodder, leader of the FoddSquad, the most inclusive, positive, and curious outfit in space! I was a communicator and space professional in the US Army for 9 years, but after I got out in 2017 I longed for the tight-knit group that I had enjoyed with my brothers and sisters in arms. So I created the FoddSquad as a group that is protective and fiercely loyal. Because when you are conducting operations on the far side of the Moon, you want to know that the men and women to the left and right of you have your back, no matter what. We form up at on Saturdays starting at 0730 EST / 1330 CEST and conduct training in Realistic Hardcore First Person Shooters like World War 3, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Escape from Tarkov, Ground Branch, Squad, Arma 3 and more. Brew up some coffee, don your suit, and remember: There is room in the FoddSquad for everyone. If you would like more recruitment information, or just someone to talk to, I can be reached on Twitter or Discord ( #arma3 #zombiesurvival #MaldenOverrun

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