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Buy awesome tactical games: https://nexus.gg/UselessFodder Join in future operations: https://discord.gg/UselessFodder Support the channel and community: https://patreon.com/UselessFodder Get SOG Prairie Fire 25% off: https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/1227700/ SOG Prairie Fire 1.2 Update Changelog: https://dev.arma3.com/post/oprep-sog-update-12 SOG: Prairie Fire is the absolute more realistic Vietnam experience ever made, especially for Arma 3. In this Arma 3 multiplayer and Arma 3 coop CDLC, you play as the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Special Operations Group (MACV SOG), the most elite force in the war. Historical Background: The Battle of Long Tan (18 August 1966) took place in a rubber plantation near Long Tân, in Phước Tuy Province, South Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. The action was fought between Viet Cong (VC) and People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) units and elements of the 1st Australian Task Force (1 ATF). Australian signals intelligence (SIGINT) had tracked the VC 275th Regiment and D445 Battalion moving to a position just north of Long Tan. By 16 August, it was positioned near Long Tan outside the range of the artillery at Nui Dat. On the night of 16/17 August, mortars and recoilless rifles (RCL) attacked Nui Dat from a position 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) to the east until counter-battery fire made it stop. The next morning D Company, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (6 RAR), departed Nui Dat to locate the firing points and the direction of the enemy withdrawal. D Company found weapon pits including mortars and RCLs, and clashed with VC around midday 18 August. Facing a larger force, D Company called down artillery fire. Heavy fighting ensued as the VC attempted to encircle and destroy the Australians. After several hours two UH-1B Iroquois from No. 9 Squadron RAAF arrived overhead to resupply them. Supported by strong artillery fire, D Company held off a regimental assault before a relief force of M113 armoured personnel carriers and infantry from Nui Dat reinforced them at nighttime. The Australian forces had withdrawn to evacuate their casualties and formed a defensive position overnight. The next day Australian forces swept the area though the VC had withdrawn. The operation ended on 21 August. Although 1 ATF initially thought it had suffered a defeat, it was later thought to have been a victory by preventing the VC from moving against Nui Dat. The battle's outcome was indecisive, with disagreements on its effect between the 275th Regiment and D445 Battalion. The D445 Battalion regarded the battle as a success, with the political victory of an effective ambush, and the securing of the areas around Long Tan village itself. Whether the battle impaired the capabilities of the VC is disputed. Stream is live at 0730 EST / 1330 CEST Mon-Fri-Sat @ https://twitch.tv/UselessFodder Twitter: https://twitter.com/UselessFodder Instagram: https://instagram.com/UselessFodder Discord: http://discord.uselessfodder.com Website: http://UselessFodder.com Check Your 6 Podcast at anchor.fm/checkyour6podcast Podcast for Streamers: soundcloud.com/GoingLivePodcast ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm UselessFodder, leader of the FoddSquad, the most inclusive, positive, and curious outfit in space! I was a communicator and space professional in the US Army for 9 years, but after I got out in 2017 I longed for the tight-knit group that I had enjoyed with my brothers and sisters in arms. So I created the FoddSquad as a group that is protective and fiercely loyal. Because when you are conducting operations on the far side of the Moon, you want to know that the men and women to the left and right of you have your back, no matter what. We form up at Twitch.tv/UselessFodder every Monday, Friday, and Saturday starting at 0730 EST / 1330 CEST and conduct training in Realistic Hardcore First Person Shooters like World War 3, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Escape from Tarkov, Ground Branch, Squad, Arma 3 and more. Brew up some coffee, don your suit, and remember: There is room in the FoddSquad for everyone. If you would like more recruitment information, or just someone to talk to, I can be reached on Twitter or Discord (http://discord.uselessfodder.com) 00:00 - Mission Prep 26:14 - Dedication for a fallen Dev 29:37 - Mission Brief 31:53 - Recce Patrol Step Off 38:00 - Crossing the World's Most Rickety Bridge Under Fire 41:35 - Contact in Enemy Territory 53:45 - Moving into VC held village 58:15 - Digging into a Counter Attack 1:08:30 - Charging into Long Tan 1:24:00 - Repositioning to Flank the VC 1:44:35 - Literally the Worst Tactical Position in History 1:55:11 - Rescuing our Allies (again) 2:08:06 - DEFENDING AGAINST A WHOLE VC COMPANY 2:16:25 - They Finally Got me 2:25:28 - ENDEX and AAR #Arma3 #SOGPrairieFire #VietnamMod

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