Someone FINALLY Made Good CQB in Arma... By Copying Ground Branch?? by UselessFodder

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Buy awesome tactical games: Join in future operations: Support the channel and community: Download GROUND BREACH Arma 3 Scenario: It's no secret that Arma 3 doesn't do CQB very well. Most ops are long range engagements or fights from cover into an objective. Anytime someone wants to make an op that focus on CQB, they have to tediously place units individually in windows and chokepoints. But someone has finally made a scenario that can provide nearly infinite close quarters ops that are both challenging and amazingly fun. Introducing: GROUND BREACH Okay, obviously this scenario was inspired by one of our favorite games, Ground Branch. But the author, who goes by Skull, has really captured a lot of what makes that game amazing and poured it into a completely customizable, quick to set up, and infinitely repeatable Arma scenario for one to eight players. The scenario features randomized AOs, randomized enemy locations, dynamic and surprisingly in depth enemy patrol patterns, customizable enemy factions, weather, arsenals with modded equipment, and civillian presence. There are even "challenge modes" such as "pistols only", iron sights, etc as well as a sort of wave mode called "Escalation". These are just extra options built right into the easy to navigate menu system! Honestly, there's so much packed into this little unassuming scenario that I can't believe it was posted in March of 2020 and I'm just now hearing about it. Everyone in my community at knows I love good quality, repeable, randomized Arma scenarios like Dynamic Recon Operations and Escape. Custom Zeus ops are great and long term campaigns like Liberation and Antistasi are always fun, but sometimes I just want to be able to send a ping to our Arma role, hop on the server, and get tactical with basically no planning. That's exactly what I did with Ground Breach. After just downloading the PBOs off Steam using Steam Workshop Downloader and FTPing them to the server, we were on mission in less than 5 minutes. Ground Breach is available on pretty much all the official and CDLC maps and currently supports a bunch of Arma 2035 official OPFOR and GREENFOR units like Bandits, CSAT, and FIA. I've reached out to Skull to request permission to port this amazing scenario to some modded maps like Lythium and Pulau and maybe get some CUP or RHS enemy types, but I'll have to follow up on that in a later video since he hasn't answered me yet. In this video we'll talk about what I love and would like to see improved in this awesome map! Check Your 6 Podcast is a veteran's perspective on hardcore, tactical, & MILSIM games alongside my cohost BDGxGrim, a former US Army Ranger. If you love these kinds of games, please head over and listen to Check Your 6 Podcast at ! Stream is live at 0730 EST / 1330 CEST Sat @ Twitter: Instagram: Discord: Website: Check Your 6 Podcast at Podcast for Streamers: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm UselessFodder, leader of the FoddSquad, the most inclusive, positive, and curious outfit in space! I was a communicator and space professional in the US Army for 9 years, but after I got out in 2017 I longed for the tight-knit group that I had enjoyed with my brothers and sisters in arms. So I created the FoddSquad as a group that is protective and fiercely loyal. Because when you are conducting operations on the far side of the Moon, you want to know that the men and women to the left and right of you have your back, no matter what. We form up at on Saturdays starting at 0730 EST / 1330 CEST and conduct training in Realistic Hardcore First Person Shooters like World War 3, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Escape from Tarkov, Ground Branch, Squad, Arma 3 and more. Brew up some coffee, don your suit, and remember: There is room in the FoddSquad for everyone. If you would like more recruitment information, or just someone to talk to, I can be reached on Twitter or Discord ( 00:00 - The Problem with Arma CQB 00:50 - THIS Fixes CQB in Arma 02:34 - What I LOVE About this Scenario 03:43 - Some Improvements I'd Like to See 04:53 - This Could be THE Go-To Op for Many Communities 05:20 - Consider Dropping a Like on This Video! #Arma3 #CQB #GroundBranch

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