A FoddSquad member pulls security during our late morning operations brief. Never can be too careful... We've been putting a lot of time into #ARMA3 as a Squad and I gotta the that the feeling of teamwork and comraderie you can get from a successful mission in this game is second to none. Are you looking for a group of operators who know how to play hard, but light hearted and fun? If you are, DM me or pop into our discord (link in bio) where you can find the FoddSquad conducting operations in many hardcore shooters, including ARMA 3, day and night. We are NA, EU, and even Oceana friendly. There's no silly tryouts or rank structure; just a bunch of people from around working to grow a community focused on building comraderie through gaming and spending time with one another. We currently have servers for ARMA 3 Dynamic Recon Ops (DRO), ARMA 3 Antistasi, Insurgency: Sandstorm, and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. We'd love to have you. After all, everyone has a place in the FoddSquad!