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This is one of my best matches on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare yet. The tension of it finishing 75-74 on top of a pretty decent KDR and 1st place on the scoreboard really validated the feeling I had of control over this round. It took a long time, but I’ve been hitting my stride of knowing when it’s right to go fast (seldomly) and when it’s best to play it slow (almost always). Honestly, though, I am in love with Modern Warfare’s Realism and Hardcore modes. Though the game is still fun in the normal modes, the addition of no HUD and even lower TTK really just adds that extra layer of hardcore awesomeness to the the experience. I can see myself playing this one for a long long time. Do you play Hardcore or Realism modes? What do you think about them versus the normal ones? I’m interested in hearing if I’m just a weirdo for liking a more tactical experience in what is generally considered an arcadey shooter. Let me know down in the comments!

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