The FoddSquad August Offensive (05 August - 01 September)

The enemy is on the move and we need a big push!

From August 5th to September 1st, we are conducting THE AUGUST OFFENSIVE, a friendly competition to get the word out and grow the FoddSquad community. We need a strong effort from ALL of our Troopers in order to grow recruitment and PUSH BACK THE ENEMY.

To track the efforts of our Troopers, we have requisitioned a new tool: CODENAME TWICKLE (nice name Trooper Jake...). All August Offensive participants must sign up for the FoodSquad Twickle page at where they can earn points for actions such as retweeting important intel, inviting potential recruits to the stream, and creating clips. I will also be rewarding exceptional actions such as subscribing and/or donating on Twitch, inviting new troopers to the discord (tracked by using a unique link), and anything else you inventive squad members can think of to grow our team!

With the administrative stuff out of the way, here is the Order of Battle:

Week 1 (5-11 August) will find us establishing our bases of fire and emplacing our equipment. We will work to establish our objectives (prizes) and checkpoints with which to reach them (thresholds to unlock prizes & giveaways).

Week 2 (12-18 August) we will begin movement and first contact. By the end of the week, we will finish defining our objectives and establish fireteams (participants will be signed up for Twickle)

Week 3 (19-25 August) the FoddSquad will coordinate fires and move to encircle the enemy. I expect our leaders will have established themselves by this point, but there is always an opportunity for new ones to emerge!

Week 4 (26 August-01 September) we make our final push through the enemy and begin mop-up operations! Medals (prizes) will be awarded and everyone will head back to base with the spoils of war! (so many giveaways!)
Practically, the Offensive will be a competition to top the leaderboard of the FoddSquad Twickle from the dates of 05 August to 01 September. The top 2-3 Troopers (depending upon game participation) will win official FoddSquad merchandise, games, or a unique gifts from Fodder himself. The actual value of the prizes will be determined by reaching threshold goals such as channel follower numbers, subscribers, or discord members. These thresholds are still TBD, but will be announced by 15 August.
We are not just going to reward the top 1%, however. Each threshold unlocked will also earn giveaways that anyone participating can win, so it will still be worthwhile fighting for the cause even if you can only do a little!

With all of this intel laid down, let the Offensive begin! Remember to check in with the Twickle Page at regularly to keep grinding those points and PUSH THE ENEMY BACK. Also, keep an eye on this page as new intel will drop over the coming weeks, such as the thresholds and prizes you can win!

Thanks, troopers, and remember: FoddSquad forever, Strike From the Skies!