Snowy Sinjar - Hillside and Frontline First Impressions & Review on CTE with the Devs

On the 24th of August, the Insurgency: Sandstorm devs hosted some great games of Push and the new game mode Frontline on the Sinjar-inspired snow map, Hillside. Since there's a ton of interest in this new stuff, I thought I'd toss together a first impressions video and then append the actual full match of Frontline on the back end.

If you enjoyed this sort of content, then please hit the video up with a 👍 and leave a comment down below. It really helps the channel grow and assists me in deciding what kind of videos to put out. Skip to 04:32 for Frontline gameplay! Testing out these new toys with the devs was a really awesome experience and I hope to do it again soon. Huge thanks to everyone who took part, especially community manager Jon Higgins and the LEGENDARY voice of Mikee.

I actually have more of this sort of content, so if you do enjoy this Insurgency: Sandstorm gameplay, then please give me that thumbs up and tell me in the comments that you’d like to see more! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you over at the next one!

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