Trying out TDM and Progression - World War 3 Patch 0.2 Gameplay

Had a great time slaying in the mall and testing out the new TDM mode. The progession is also a welcome change.

However, there are some things I think Farm51 need to implement. TDM is fun, but right now the only viable option to get a game with players is to use Quick Join, ehcih doesn't differentiate between game mode. There should be a mode selection for quick join so you can make sure you get your fix for TDM or Warzone.

Also, there is currently no way to preview items that you haven't unlocked. If you click the item, it just straight buys it without any sort of confirmation. You can actually see this play out at the end of the video.

Still, over all, I think this is a great patch and I'm really enjoying the quality and speed with which Farm 51 is getting their game changes in!

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